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The Hermitage Trail

(Hawick via Newcastleton to Selkirk)

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Welcome to the Hermitage Self Drive Audio Trail

My name is Jamie Telfer and the year is 1550 - reiving times. I'm a small farmer with a pele tower up in the hills between Hawick and Hermitage Castle. Life is tough and every autumn under the big harvest moon there are cattle raids going to and fro. I have nothing to do with them, but always worry that one day they'll come for me. Well, one snowy night it happened: a party of English battered down my down my door and drove off my cattle. I swore revenge and eventually got support from 'The Bold Buccleuch'.

It's all in my ballad, 'Jamie Telfer of the Fair Dodheid'. Join me on the Hermitage Trail to hear more as we Drive and Discover.

We follow in the footsteps of the Border Reivers to Hermiage Castle and Liddesdale, "the bloodiest valley in Britain". Once echoing with the sound of hooves, the lowing of stolen cattle and the clash of steel, these beautiful and dramatic hillsides are now peaceful with just a scattering of sheep. We also visit Johnnie Armstrong's tower at Gilnockie and hear some stories of 'Truce Days' on the English Border.

Trail length is 95miles, driving time is approximately 3 hrs and the trail will take you a full day.

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Audio information

Narrator - Alastair Cunningham
Historic Guide - Jamie Telfer - Dougie Telfer
Margaret Hogg - Janice
Sung Ballads - Kathy Hobkirk
Poems - Dougie Telfer

Musical excerpts from The Reivers Moon
By kind permission from Ian Landles and Alan Brydon