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Our Story

Initially frustrated by visitors seeing little of Scotland beyond the popular tourist destinations of Edinburgh, Inverness and Skye, founders Deborah Webster and Alastair Cunningham, who both live along the Reivers Road and have worked in the tourism industry for almost two decades, decided to tempt more people down to the Borders.

They designed a driving route that not only encourages visitors to explore the region, but also captures the history and heritage unique to the Borders. The Reivers Road was born!

Cutting-edge technology delivers a virtual tour guide, allowing visitors to experience stories, history, drama and music as they explore the local area. The app is GPS activated and works offline, so users do not need a phone signal to experience the tour. Each trail starts in an easily accessible location, such as car parks, and drivers follow the route displayed on screen.

The app is perfectly designed for social distancing and allows people to see sites without leaving a car if they are uncomfortable doing so. It is easy to use, and the audio content is automatically triggered when you reach a location, so it is like having a real-life tour guide in your car. The audio also features music, ballads with actors bringing the Reivers to life.
The Reivers Road - Our Story

Deborah Webster and Alastair Cunningham demonstrating the app at Jedburgh Castle Jail




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