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Reivers Pass

The Reivers’ Pass is free with any Audio trail purchase.

We have Business Members and partners along the Reivers Road offering discounts on food, accommodation and attractions to our customers. For participating places, see the map or click here  

If you do not wish to purchase an audio tour but still want to take advantage of our discounts, you can buy a Reivers Pass here to suit you. 

1 DAY PASS - £5
7 DAY PASS - £15

The pass is available to buy all year round making it a fantastic way of saving money all throughout the annual calendar of events.

Or you can buy a pass as a gift for a friend or family - the discounts are valid throughout the year. A gift that keeps on giving! 

The pass is not transferable and can only be used for the named persons and valid from/on date shown


Due to the Covid situation, some businesses may not be operating as normal, so please check their websites and openings before visiting.

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Please fill in the form below to create your Reivers Pass.
Use it to get discounts on Accommodation, Food and Drink and Visitor Attractions

Reivers’ Discount Pass

Valid From:
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Total Price: £15

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