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The Reivers

Who Were The Reivers?

To ‘reive’ is to rob or plunder. In Scotland, the Reivers are mainly associated with the Borders and the lawless 16th century. This was a violent and fearful time when homes were burned, cattle stolen and men killed with little chance of any redress - apart from a counter raid with retribution visited on the likely perpetrators.

But it’s thanks to the Reivers that great stories echo round this beautiful landscape, stories populated by larger than life characters such as Nebless Clem Crozier and Jock 'Stowlugs' Armstrong. We have authentic traditions, stretching back to the riding days. The songs have survived. And some of the wonderful old pele towers are still standing… you just need a little imagination. It’s a unique culture, little known outside the Borders, and we look forward to exploring it with you.

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