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A Reiver's Mooncaption

A Reiver's Moon

Alan G Brydon & Ian W Landles

1) Wat Must Go a Reiving (feat. The Lads of Harden)
2) He's My Man (feat. Mary Scott)
3) Wat Must Go a Reiving (Women) (feat. The Ladies of Harden)
4) A'm Glad a'm Alive (feat. Gibbie Scott)
5) Full O' the Joy's O' Life (feat. Airchie and Isabella)
6) Requiem
7) Lament
8) Vengeance (feat. The Lads of Harden)
9) Sair Is the Plight (feat. Auld Wat O' Harden)
10) A Ca' Believe This Mei (feat. The Lads O' Harden)
11) He's My Man (reprise 1) (feat. Mary Scott & Cast)
12) Fanfare To the Border Banner
13) I Curse Them (feat. The Bishop of Glasgow)
14) He's My Man (reprise 2) (feat. Mary Scott & Cast)
15) A'm Seek O'd (feat. Muckle Moo'd Meg)
16) What a'm a Tae Dae (feat. Wull Scott)
17) Oor Meg
18) She Only Speaks the Yince
19) And We Ride (feat. The Lads O' Harden)
20) Harden Shall Endure (feat. The Lads O' Harden)
21) Whae'd've Thought (feat. Sir Gideon & Lady Murray)
22) They're My Men/And We Ride (finale) (feat. The Cast)
23) The Reivers (feat. The Cast)
24) Wat Must Go a Reiving (reprise) (feat. The Cast)

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