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Walking in the Land of the Reivers

Walking in the Land of the Reivers

by I.W. Landles and A.G. Brydon

The Scottish Borders is a land rich in both heritage and natural beauty. Sparsely populated and steeped in history, the lush green valleys and rolling hills are adorned with the wonders of nature, from gently gurgling streams where Salmon spawn to spectacular unspoiled vistas. It is here, during a turbulent time in history, that the infamous Reivers rode. The "Debateable Land" as the Border country was known, was considered lawless and ungovernable; an area where outsiders feared to tread. The exploits of the Reivers in fire and steel are well documented. But despite their bloodstained reputation they were, in their own way, ordinary local people who refused to yield to external powers. Except by plough and plantation, the local landscape has changed little over the centuries. The hills and hollows that we gaze upon, were as familiar to our Reiving ancestors as they are to locals today. Yet the Reivers left their mark on the land. The Peel Towers and fortresses, which subtly blend into the countryside providing a unique Border characteristic, serve as a reminder of a violent time where the motto Aye Defend was staunchly upheld. This guide aims to introduce you to the beauty of the Borderland whilst offering a glimpse into our Reiving past. Though neither a history book nor a definitive guide to the Borders, the instructions included in the pack are intended to provide enjoyable walks in typical Border countryside whilst sharing points of interest left to us by our forebears. Please enjoy the walks whilst fully respecting the land.

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